For the clients' convenience, we have set our fees based on the level of service required.  Our annual management fee for portfolio of funds ranges between $1,000 and $2,500.  Clients who utilize our model portfolios or have accounts which require little supervision will pay an annual fee of $1,000.  Accounts that require additional services or customization will pay a slightly higher annual fee.  Our annual fee is charged per client relationship, and NOT per individual account.

Annual management fee for our in-house Separately Managed Account of equity positions is $5,000.  For accounts valued less than $1,000,000, the management fee is 50 basis points of assets under management.   Minimum account size for a Separately Managed Account is $250,000.

For Separately Managed Accounts of third-party money managers, the initial setup fee is $250, and $150 annually from there on.

Additionally, our consulting service rate is $150 per hour.  This fee applies to all investment and wealth management services provided in addition to our portfolio management programs.

All transaction fees are charged by the brokerage firm (Schwab Institutional, Fidelity Institutional, or TD Ameritrade Institutional).  We do NOT recieve any compenation from the brokerage firms.

We provide our clients with portfolio reporting on accounts we manage.   However, for accounts that we do not manage, we are willing to provide portfolio reporting for an additional fee. This fee is a flat annual fee.  The fee will depend on the number of accounts, transactions, and the types of securities.

Below is a list of basic services the client receives with our management:

  • Creation and implementation of an Investment policy statement
  • Portfolio reporting (provided quarterly via Client Web Portal)
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Access to the online-based financial planning software

In addition, clients are permitted to include all household accounts.   Household accounts include all immediate family members.

Portfolio Fee Analysis

Want to see how much you can save in fees by switching to our management platform?  Please submit the following information to VGW@FinancialPlanning.com:

  • Your Name and Email Address
  • A copy of the most recent account statements (please blackout the account numbers) or spreadsheet containing the list of holdings.
  • Custodian where the assets are held
  • Management Fee (if managed by different firms, please provide the mangement fee for each)

Once we receive the information, we will follow up with you within three business days with a detailied analysis of your fees and what your savings will be.