Key Personnel

Michael George

President and CEO

Michael has been involved in the investment advisory business for 19 years.  After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance at Tulane University, he joined Crescent Sterling (a money management firm).  Then, he continued on to work at Dean Witter Reynolds before starting FPL Capital Management in 1997.

After seeing the feedback from clients on how their assets should be handled while working at the firms mentioned above, Michael saw the need for a new platform and decided to launch Michael’s main goal for launching is to empower the individual investor.

Virajith Wijeweera

Director of Operations & Client Services

Virajith has been under the tutelage of Michael George for 7 years. He received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. He has also completed the Certified Financial Planner program through University of Georgia’s Executive Program.  He will sit for the board exams in late 2012.

Virajith is in charge of all the day-to-day operations, client services, and overseeing all marketing campaigns.

Kayla Swedensky

Office Manager

Kayla is a graduate of Tulane University.  She oversees all office related tasks.

Amit Rai

IT Specialist & Webmaster

Amit is in charge of presenting and publishing all the information/data we gather on our website and other web-based graphical presentations.