Services Provided

Along with the access to the model portfolios, clients will receive a risk evaluation, an investment policy statement, quarterly performance reports, portfolio monitoring, portfolio rebalancing, and semi-annual teleconferences. We are also available to answer any questions or concerns regarding Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Insurance Planning, and Tax Planning at an additional hourly rate. Any consultation regarding the management of your portfolio is included in the annual fee.

All our clients must submit a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire initially. The questionnaire gives us an idea of what level of risk the client is willing to take upon. After evaluating the questionnaire, we present the client with an Investment Policy Statement. There on, we proceed to select a model portfolio. If none of our model portfolios match his or her financial objective, we will consult with the client on creating an allocation of funds that satisfy his or her needs.

We also provide quarterly performance reports. Our performance reports are generated utilizing industry recognized Morningstar Office software. Performance of your accounts will be compared to a comparative benchmark index using the appropriate major indices. We also provide other types of reports at the request of the client at no additional charge.  Below are samples of reports we provide our clients:

Morningstar Snapshot

Performance Summary

Performance by Asset Class

With the annual management fee, we also provide basic portfolio rebalancing. For our model portfolios, rebalancing is done on an annual basis. However, all portfolios in model portfolios will be monitored monthly.

We keep our clients informed of all of their account activity. We have established e-mail alerts to be sent out to clients using the custodians' email alert systems to inform the cleints of their various account activities.  We schedule semi-annual teleconferences with our clients to discuss any necessary adjustments if required. If we requested, we also schedule video conferences. Clients may call us if they have any questions regarding their portfolio. Phone conferences are scheduled on an appointment only basis.